• To establish, maintain and conduct a boating club for the accommodation of its members and their friends and to promote among members of the Corporation and others, an interest in boating, yachting, aquatic sports and recreation.
  • To provide a meeting place and other conveniences for the members of the Corporation and others to equip, furnish and maintain the same.
  • To promote, arrange and hold boating and yacht races, games, contests and competitions of every nature, and to offer or grant and to contribute towards prizes, awards and distinctions.
  • To promote and encourage advancement of the knowledge of boating and navigation among its members and friends, and to provide facilities for storage, repairs, service to boats and yachts of all kinds.
  • To co-operate with and aid the local Harbour Police, R.C.M.P., Game Wardens and the various Governmental bodies in a common quest to control pollution and regulate boating.