So that’s a wrap for the 4th annual Macassa Bay Open Regatta. The course was a windward leeward, single lap of the bay. The wind was pretty steady 14 kts with the occasional gust to 20+. 21 participants took part in this epic day of sailing and 20 completed the course. A big thanks goes to everyone who participated and helped make this a great day. Also thanks to the breakfast and dinner crews as well as our local musicians who helped round out the day by keeping everyone fed and entertained.

Let’s do it again next year!

Results below are final as of 6pm September 23

The info below is now past, please wait til next year to register for the 2024 Regatta!

If you are interested in participating please complete the information below. Start times will be posted the morning of the race. For more information email

Please include any special features such as tall mast or wing keel

The mark positions below are current for 2023. The actual course may include an offset, be at the participants meeting to find out!

Image below is the Golf Course Radar mark. This mark is toward the east side of the lawn of the golf course.

A google map of the marks from 2021 can be found here. Note that the S/F will be different this year.

Pics from the 2021 Regatta are below. Photo credit goes to John Greene, Kathleen Fox, and Terry Wagg.