COVID Access

Effective Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 8:00AM the MBYC yard will be open to boat owners subject to a number of restrictions.

To ensure the safety of our members, we must dampen down any expectation that the yard is fully open. Here are some of the modifications:

The MBYC Executive will reduce the possible number of individuals on the premises by a minimum of 75%. This will be accomplished by a colour coded layout of our yard and assigning days for when members are permitted to work on their boats. Each day through the next week will be assigned a number so that only one group can be on site at any given time.

As things progress, our goal for the next stage would be to allow two groups in the yard at a time.

Please reference the chart below for your assigned group. You will see your name listed in the colour column for your perspective group. This list has been created to ensure maximum distancing as much as possible. There will eventually be a colour ribbon attached to your boat cradle / stands.

To assist our ability to utilize as much time as possible, if you will not be coming into the yard for whatever reason on your scheduled day, please let us know by either phoning the club (preferably) or by email . This will allow us to offer the opportunity for another member to get an extra day of work in. Members that may need an extra scheduled day are requested to call ahead and request additional access.

If you see a member who is not to be in the yard on “their day” please feel free to mention it to an executive member. If they are not supposed to be in the yard they will be asked to leave immediately

Other Yard Rules:

No more than 2 people total per vessel will be permitted on site and you will be required to sign a waiver (only have to sign this once) waivers can be viewed and downloaded here. If you have a contractor working on your vessel, then only you and that contractor are permitted. If you have two contractors on site, you will not be permitted on the property. If work must be completed in the confines of your cabin, then all parties must be from the same household.

We must continue to ensure that we are social distancing. So please follow governmental Social Distancing Guidelines. Everyone is expected to maintain a 6’ distance from one another. If your work requires you to be close to one another, a facial covering will be required. So please make sure you carry these items on your person at all times

While the Clubhouse and communal areas continue to be closed, the main floor washrooms on the north side of the building will remain open. We can not ensure that these washrooms will be sanitized throughout the day, therefore we will be providing sanitizer just inside the main door for your use. There will also be towels and cleaning products inside the washrooms for our members to be able to clean up after you use the facilities.

Launch Day:

We recognize that given the very limited number of people permitted on site or group sizes, a single day launch will be difficult to achieve. In addition, under current restrictions it will be difficult during launch to ensure social distancing restrictions are met. We are currently working on a plan to assist with distancing as much as possible. This would entail different launch procedures then what we are currently accustomed to.

As a result, our tentative re-scheduled launch dates will be June 4 & 5 , and members will be informed of their prospective day that they will be lifted (will be confirmed asap). We will continue to discuss options within the Executive and report back. That said, there are no guarantees of these dates as we will always be bound by Government Restrictions.

For those members that may have mechanical problems and can not launch in time, or those that are launching by trailer, please contact the executive asap.

After Launch:

At the time of writing this, there are no changes under the current government orders. The Club will remain closed to all members. Boats will be tied up at their docks after arrival and be stationary until we are open.

As we conclude this important update, I’m sure there are still questions that you may have. Questions like: Is this plan too restrictive? Is this too open? Are we balancing risk and reward? Just to name a few of them…

Our hope is that you review the memo above and know that the MBYC Executive may not always get it right, but our actions have been thoughtful, deliberate and transparent to our members with the difficult decisions we have been forced to make. We hope that this is apparent to everyone.

Finally, we would like to thank our extensive group of volunteers who have been working endlessly to ensure our docks and grounds are ready for our season.

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding. Please continue to be safe.

The MBYC Executive

For the next eight days, the following schedule will apply:
Group 1 (Blue): May 14, May 18
Group 2 (Orange): May 15, May 19
Group 3 (Green): May 16, May 20
Group 4 (Red): May 17, May 21