Yard access is coming

In anticipation for upcoming announcements by the Ford government regarding marinas, we are starting to work on the plans for yard access.

With social distancing in mind, we know that we will not be allowed to make this access a free for all to our members.  This first stage of access will be strictly for the boats that are stored on land and not for boats currently in the water.  There will also undoubtedly be continued restrictions to specific areas of our property and how many people will be allowed in the yard at a time. All boat owners and their helpers will also be required to sign a waiver before entering the property.

To assist with scheduling we are asking for our boat owners that may need a little more prep time (other than removing covers and painting bottoms) to contact us so we can evaluate. This will assist the executive in time frames needed to prepare for launch. Please note that with a shortened season we can not make this spring for very extensive work to be completed on the boats. Our goal will be to get the boats in the water as soon as we can.

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding.

Charles Mitchell jr.
Secretary – MBYC