To all Regular and Social members

 If one had said that CORONA-19 virus could shut down our city or let alone whole cites around the world I would have said this is pure science fiction but unfortunately this is truly happened and we are shut down for the foreseeable future.

Our new catch phrase Social Distancing will be around for some time as it is there to protect our families and all our loyal members.

These are troubling times as our business has completely but temporarily shut down. as well summer’s coming and we all want to be able to enjoy being outside. If you are a boater just being on your boat and enjoying the camaraderie and friendship that comes along with belonging to our Yacht club is something to look forward to.

Premier Doug Ford has announced today that the shutdown of non-essential businesses Ontario wide will continue for a further 28 days which would bring us to May 12th, at which time hopefully life may slowly get back to the new normal. Our way of doing business thanks to this virus will most likely change going forward, not just the club but for most businesses. Rest assured our club and Bar will be reopened when we can in the future.

While the club continues to be shut down, cleaning of the premises as well as housekeeping has been undertaken and out of date Bar inventory returned. There is much more to do but our hands are tied for now with access to members restricted under the Government guidelines.

Once the Government restrictions get relaxed after May 12, we are hopeful to be able to do some refurbishment in the club, possibly the club washrooms, lower kitchen and maybe the bar.

In the meantime, we are still a business and the only monies coming in are from summer dockage to keep the club afloat.

No one knows if we will just be delayed. Or the worst-case scenario we don’t launch at all. No launch would mean that instead of summer dockage dock holders would pay a summer storage rate based on winter storage rates instead. Any adjustments would be done around the regular lift-out date in October.

I am meeting online with some of the Hamilton Harbour stakeholders and RHYC to discuss the 2020 boating season here on the Bay and a Make or Break date for launching our boats. I know most of the boat owners want to be on the water for the summer.

Please be patient, understanding, respectful and practice Social Distancing.

I will strive to update all members as information is made available.

On behalf of myself and the Executive, thank you for your understanding.

Brian Leslie – Commodore
Macassa Bay Yacht Club